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Patella - floating bone​

Patella - floating bone is an inclusive and immersive performance work exploring the life of materials and the space between, created in collaboration with theatre artist Elina Sarno & Kaaos Company peroformers.


The work was made as the artistic component of Goater and Sarno's Dance and Theatre Pedagogy Master's Theses, from the programme at the University of the Arts Helsinki, 2018.

A curious array of objects and materials immerse the shared space, between performers of different embodied perceptions

and the audience. Lively hyper-textures of sound, body, light, voice, object, and movement,

evoke their different materialities in an equal field of play, suspension, and contemplation.

Concept: Georgie Goater & Elina Sarno​

Performers: Noora Västinen, Elina Sarno, Siiri Tiilikka, Jonna Lehto, Georgie Goater

Lighting Design: Sofia Palillo

Scenographic Design: Ia Ensterä

Sound design: Georgie Goater

Video: Jyrki Oksaharju


Mentors: Sally Davison,  Gesa Piper
Premiere: Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, March 2018

Performances: X Dance Festival, Zodiak, June 2018, Move Fest Košice, Slovakia  2019


Photos: Aapo Juusti, Diana Dobrescu


"I wish I could separate different body parts together and apart. Some of them are hanging in the air. You can allow them to look at us. Or are they even watching. Humans and objects, what’s the space in between us. Laughing bones, can you see the limits on my skin. Dream-like, we sense together. Wordless flying into a bellyflop."

- performers

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