Same Sun

Performers: ALisha McLennan Marler, Sierra Diprose, Maikki Palm, Georgie Goater 

Sound design: James Risby

Video: Georgie Goater, Maikki Palm

Concept: Georgie Goater & Maikki Palm

Performers: Alisha McLennan Marler & Sierra Diprose

Sound design: James Risbey

Video: Maikki Palm & Georgie Goater

Photos: Andi Crown Photography 2019

A long-distance collaboration between Finland and New Zealand, the work premiered in the Auckland Short+Sweet Dance Fest 2018 and won the Wallace Trust Innovation Award and the award for Best Production Design. It was also performed in 2019 at Touch Compass show I'mPaired and in Wellington's Disability Pride Week at BATS Theatre.

Same Sun is a dance and media performance work that explores travelling bodies, time-delay, the hemispheres and friendship.

- A  desire to abandon attachment to particular aesthetics, we fail and look to the future as we borrow from the past; our own scars, and others' glory. This work is an excerpt, a fantasy. -