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Same Sun

with Maikki Palm and performers (2018)

Same Sun is a long-distance collaboration between Aotearoa NZ and Finland; a dance and media performance work that explores travelling bodies, time delay, the hemispheres, and friendship.

- A  desire to abandon attachment to particular aesthetics, we fail and look to the future as we borrow from the past; our own scars, and others' glory. This work is an excerpt, a fantasy. -

Concept: Georgie Goater & Maikki Palm


Performers: Alisha McLennan Marler & Sierra Diprose


Sound design: James Risbey


Video: Maikki Palm & Georgie Goater


Photos: Andi Crown Photography 2019


Production: Georgie Goater, Short+Sweet Dance Fest 

Premiere: Auckland Short+Sweet Dance Fest, TAPAC, Auckland, September 2018


Awards: Wallace Trust Innovation Award and the award for Best Production Design


Performances: Touch Compass show I'mPaired, Auckland 2019, Disability Pride Week at BATS Theatre, Wellington 2019

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