Ways into Moving:

Dance Improvisation

&  Movement Practice 

2021, online course open to all experience levels exploring experiential ways into practing embodied movement and dance improvisation.

Exploring Meditation, Movement & Dance

An online course co-taught with Juha Penttilä in January 2021, bringing together meditation and dance through explorative practices. 

Eyes of the Skin

2019-2020, see details  here.

Helsinki Summer School 2019

Open level contemporary dance technique and improvisation for adults, taught through the Helsinki Summer University over a 3-week course.

Linguajoy English through Arts

2018 - 2020: Teaching English to children in Helsinki, through facilitating creative crafts, music and dance lessons.

Creative Dance Workshops in Bethlehem 2017

Facilitation of creative dance workshops to children and young adults, in collaboration with Maikki Palm at Dar al-Kalima school and Baladi dance school in Bethlehem. With thanks to the Finnish ministry of travel and Theatre Academy, Helsinki University of the Arts.

X Dance Festival 2016

As part of DanceAbility Finland's inclusive dance festival, facilitating an inclusive and creative dance improvisation workshop using touch, voice and paper. This was inclusive of all ages and people of different physical, intellectual and perceptual embodiments. 

Free Dance


2015 - 2016: A self-orgaised community dance class in Auckland, New Zealand for families, to playfully explore creative and expressive dance. Goater facilitated these classes with Sarah Bartlett

Step Beyond


2011-2015: Teaching contemporary dance technique and improvisation for youth at independent dance school in  Step Beyond Studios in Torbay, New Zealand as well as choreographing for their youth company One Step Beyond.

Nikki Marie

Dance Academy

2007-2010: Teaching dance classes for children in various areas of Auckland, New Zealand at Nikki Marie Dance Academy