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Swan Song
Kaaos Company & workgroup

When I die, life consumes me.

Things become formless, wings shed their feathers and become featherless wings.

My hands, your hands – “i know this hand” – a featherless wing holding the sky.

“I know what it is to listen to this hand. I recognise the softness of the skin.


- - Georgie Goater and performers 

Swan Song Full Text

Working Group

Performers: Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjövall

Mentors: Georgie Goater, Maija Mustonen, Rea

Sound: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski

Light: Sofia Palillo

Costume/Set: Heli Hietala

Film and Image: Rea 

Venue: Monitoimitila O.

Producer: Sally Davison / Raila Knuuttila

Premiere: 15.03


Performance dates: 16.03,18.03, 19.03.22


Place: Monitoimitila O. Kerttulinkuja 1, Helsinki. Map

Swan Song Trailer

Swan Song Full Film


Photos: Georgie Goater

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