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Swan Song
Kaaos Company & workgroup

When I die, life consumes me.

Things become formless, wings shed their feathers and become featherless wings.

My hands, your hands – “i know this hand” – a featherless wing holding the sky.


“I know what it is to listen to this hand. I recognise the softness of the skin.


- - Georgie Goater and performers 

Swan Song Full Text


Performers: Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjövall

Mentors: Georgie Goater, Maija Mustonen, Rea Liina

Sound: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski

Light: Sofia Palillo

Costume/Set: Heli Hietala

Film and Image: Rea Liina

Venue: Monitoimitila O.

Producer: Sally Davison / Raila Knuuttila

Premiere: 15.03

Performance dates: 16.03,18.03, 19.03.2022

Place: Monitoimitila O. Kerttulinkuja 1, Helsinki. Map

Swan Song Trailer

Swan Song Full Film


Photos: Georgie Goater

Body Island NZ

A home and land-based research development project​ with two Aotearoa-based dance artists Kelly Nash and Nancy Wijohn, and two Finnish-based dance artists Georgie Goater (NZ dance artist living in Helsinki) and Gesa Piper (German dance artist living in Helsinki)  working on choreographic and performance ideas during the Covid19 pandemic in 2020.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand for their support.


The project is a collection of our thoughts, practices and processes, accumulating in a series of images and videos investigating the themes we discovered along the way.


Concept: Georgie Goater with Kelly Nash (leader)


Collaborators: Nancy Wi'John, Gesa Piper, Kelly Nash, Georgie Goater

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