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Still Sun

with Maikki Palm and Aapeli Hakala (2019)

Still Sun is a contemplative development and what follows the long-distance co-creation 'Same Sun' between Finland and Aotearoa. The dance piece between hemispheres to James Risbey's sound explores travelling bodies, shifting companionship, time delay and closeness.


Still Sun borrows the memories and imbues the now with its own embodied future(s) within Aapeli Hakala's live soundscape. Soft and tenderly evolving movements between the dancers, video and sound create a conversation in time, bringing past and present spaces into dialogue within the performance. Ephemerality is both suspended and augmented through the repetition, difference and layers of interrelating elements. "A desire to abandon attachment, we fail, and look to the future as we borrow from the past."

- Same Sun 2018

Concept & Performance: Georgie Goater & Maikki Palm

Sound design: Aapeli Hakala

Production: Georgie Goater, Maikki Palm, Feel Helsinki Festival 2019
Premiere: June 2019, Musiikkitalo, Feel Helsinki

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