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Dance & Improvisation Workshop
, Jyväskylä

Come and join this workshop to explore your body's natural movement in a playful space for your curiosity to roam. Dive deep; explore, sense and feel, and learn ways of expanding your body’s range of physicality and perceptual expression.

We will approach dancing together as a simultaneous experience of listening to your body’s own movement pathways and responding to given material. Over a held frame of three hours, you will be guided through warming up, exploring experiential practices, and being in the dance through improvisational tasks, with a range of music and sometimes in silence. 

All experience levels and embodiments are welcome to participate in the workshop.

WHEN: Sunday 4.12, 10:00 - 13:00

WHERE: Mahdollisuuksien talo, Kauppakatu 19 D, sisäpiha Jyväskylä

COST: €35 - €50 sliding scale

REGISTER: send an email to

or message HERE

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Photo: Annika Miettinen, Principia 2022

8.12.2022, 19:15pm:
Falling Through the Disappearing Light, 
Pohjanmaa tanssii, Vaasa

Falling Through the Disappearing Light will perform at the Pohjanmaa tanssii - Österbotten dansar in December 2022 for one night's performance on 8.12 at 9:15 pm.

Venue: Julia Sali
Vaasan kaupunginteatteriPitkäkatu 5365100 Vaasa


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