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Lilac Loop
Tanssin Voima 24.9.2023
Workgroup with  Kaaos Company


Photo: Jan Ahlstedt

In Lilac Loop, Kadar and Georgie dive into their shared practice through a body of movement tasks inspired by the loop - looping, orbiting, stimming, repetition, loopholes, patterns and cycles. The dance piece is a score of loops, a loop of scores from micro-movements to the memory of embodied play. Together they make felt and visible these currents of the loop, moving and being moved by their various animations - calling into question what emerges in the collisions and in the gaps. 


Co-created and performed by Kadar Khristan and Georgie Goater

Sound design: Riku-Pakka Kellokoski

Choreographic assistance: Kaisa Kukkonen

Production: Kaaos Company

Photo: Jan Ahlstedt


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