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With MOME (2023)
Saari Residency:
Memory as Medium

Memory as Medium is a collective multidisciplinary project envisioned by Georgie Goater, Gesa Piper, Camila Rosa, and Arlene Tucker. Each of us has been exploring memories as resources for artistic creation throughout our careers in distinct artistic spectrums (dance, performance pedagogy, academic research, and visual arts). We mesh our artistic and academic interests while exploring memory as a departing point to create art and research. 


Memory as Medium stemmed from an arts-based doctoral research project titled Futuro. Futuro was initiated by Camila Rosa, with Georgie Goater and Arlene Tucker as subjects amongst 10 other artists who were invited to take part. The project deals with memory stories, nonlinear views of time and its politics/sociality. The project is oriented towards understanding how a nonlinear idea of time can affect our ways of looking into personal memories, influence creative work, as well being used as a frame for understanding today’s racialized capitalist economy. Memory as Medium is a new initiative. Each group member brings along different notions of collaborative work, echoing the different educational and professional environments we’ve been through.


Memory is not just something that is stored and subsequently recollected. We explore memory as a process moving across the environment, instead of seeing it as a ‘thing’, placed within an individual person or object. Our frames of reference for memory deviate from ‘self-serving’, ‘self-reflection’ or ‘auto-analysis’ purposes, being rather interested in memory in relation to multiplicity from within struggling environments/groups. We are motivated to explore the entanglements between our different histories, racial categories, privileges, familiar environments to navigate into memory as a field of unknown possibilities. We join our diverse disciplinary expertise seeking for different understandings about how to explore remembrance, not as totems for singularized identities, but rather as processes that enhance connection and interdependence with communities and all living forms.  

Movement Art Practice: 
Body and Bone 

Body Island NZ (2022)

Body and Bone residency dived deep into the rhizome of the ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock© Release discipline, researching the scientific principles and formulas; experiential anatomy, body facts, deviations and how to find Flinchlocks®. 

Following the threads of biomechanical impactology (ConTact C.A.R.E) led us to Leo Fong martial arts, Newton's Third Law, bone sciences, the somatic knowledge of [pressure] Matching ( (Elizabeth A. Behnke) and more.
Experimenting with these theories and practices and our body's felt pathways, brought about our development of SomaTactics™ - a new methodology
 of somatic movement/dance practice, fleshed out from the bones of biomechanical impactology principles.

Movement Art Practice -  Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

WORKING GROUP: Kelly Nash, Georgie Goater, Rose Tapsell

Pro Artibus Residency:
Ways We Care

Body Island FI (2021)

 'Ways We Care' was a two-week immersion of the body in the transforming landscape of the Tammisaari coast between seasons.


Departing from our previous works I(s)Land Body and The Moon in Me,  Gesa and I explored questions of care in relation to the environment, ourselves and each other. We practised care within the art that emerged. We suspended expectations around the aesthetics of care: what it looks like. We approached care as a dialogue: moving with the melting freeze, with love letters to the

sea ice,  with tracking the inner landscapes of emotions, with making kin, and with the many faces of care. 

Where: The Croft at Snäksund, Tammisaari, Finland

When: March / April 2021

Hiljaisuus Residency: DEEP 2.0

With Yuko Takeda & Workgroup (2019)

Kaukonen, Finland

A s a member of the Deep the Musical 2.0 working group lead by Theatre Artist Yuko Takeda, Goater joined the two-week artistic residency for artistic development.

The work was a development phase from the sold-out performance Deep: The Musical, which took place in the summer of 2018 in Vappantaiteen Tila, Helsinki. 


Workgroup: Tanja Männistö, Elinsa Sarno, Maikki Palm, Georgia Goater, Yuko Takeda

Photo: Yuko Takeda

Featuring: Maikki Palm, Georgie Goater

Play Practice Artist Residency

Bangalore, India (2015-16)

A one-month dance residency hosted by Abhilash Ningappa, in his Play Practie Appenticeship residence.

Workshop teachers and artists were Jasmiina Sipilä, Ajeesh K Balakrishnan, Janne Simokoki and Abhilash Ningappa.  

Daily training, improvisation practice, as well as choreographic development, took place over the course f the residency. Georgie Goater developed a new choreographic duet Two in a Billion in co-creation with residency dancer Karlien De Savoy. 

Residency participants: Chelsea Baxter, Neus Ferrer, Satakshi Nandy, Ludi Crous, Clotilde Amouroux, Giulia Modula, Anna Perrudin, Karlien De Savoye, Atul Kumar, Sarah Knight, Vanessa Warren 

Photos: Abhilash Ningappa

Video: Two in a Billion 


Beyond Technique Residency 

Illaroo, Australia (2014)

A one-week inclusive dance residency hosted at Bundanon Trust, Illaroo, Australia, led by Philip Channells. Participanting performing dance artists of varying embodiments and perceptions from Australia, Aotearoa, and Hong Kong took part in workshops and site-specific performance developments.

Teaching artists were Philip Channells, LeeAnn Litton (Strings Attached) and Tanja Voges. 

Participants from Aotearoa: Georgie Goater, Alisha McLennan Marler, Duncan Armstrong

Photos: Phillip Channels & Sean Campbell

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