About Georgie Goater


A dance artist, performer and pedagogue from New Zealand based in Helsinki, she has been working in the field more than 15 years. She situates herself relationally and learns from being among diverse embodied perceptions. Her dance, choreographies and writing stem from collaboration and betweenness, as well as bodily interests in materiality, dreaming, and process-oriented creation.

Photo by Arlene Tucker

She has been teaching dance in varied contexts and places, to wide-ranging embodied perceptions, experience, and age levels for more than a decade. She gained her BPSA in contemporary dance from Unitec NZ in 2006, and her MA in dance pedagogy at Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2019. Lately, her practice includes moving with camera, place, and embodied inquiry.

She has been dancing in works by choreographers in NZ, Finland & the UK, and has worked with inclusive dance companies Touch Compass (NZ) and Kaaos Company (FI) over several years.

Her dance practice is a movement that embraces difference as a uniting force in a field of learning and creative expression.  She values not-yet fully formed ideas and the life of the work in the making. She values dialogical practices and the body's experience as the site for shared learning.

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