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Kati Raatikainen and Kaaos Company (2022)

The piece is a performance that explores the fundamentals of bodily being and encounter. The performers live in relation to space, time, gravity and each other, hanging, depending, twisting, freeing, falling, getting strange, entwined, and transforming from one form to another.

The show moves between the ground and the air using aerial acrobatics in the context of contemporary choreography and dance. The starting point of working with the body has been the rich experience of the human body and the relationship between sensations and movement with the world.

Premiere: April 2022, Cirko, Helsinki

Choreographic Framework & Direction:
Kati Raatikainen


Facilitation of Arial Acrobatics: Jenny Mansikkasalo

Somatic Facilitation: Sally Davison


Performers: Sally Davison, Georgie Goater,
Kadar Khristan, Jenny Mansikkasalo, Noora Västinen

Sound Design: Roy Boswell


Lighting Design: Milla Martikainen


Costume Design: Piia Rinne


Scenography: Aino Koski


Producer: Inari Pesonen


Production Assistance: Emmi Vainio


Production: Kaos Company, DanceAbility Finland ry


Supported by: Koneen Säätiö, Taiteen



Photos: Annika Miettinen

Video & Trailer: Leandro Lefa

Falling Through the Disappearing Light

 Maria Nurmela (2021)

Falling Through The Disappearing Light 

is an immersive, sensory dance performance created by Finnish choreographer Maria Nurmela with an ensemble of internationally established professional artists from Finland, Germany, Aotearoa and Australia. The work's inspiration is rooted in H.C. Andersen's epic story of The Little Match Girl, published in 1845.

In this new work, the narrative is viewed from today's perspective, unpacking, fragmenting and revealing its multifaceted themes and phenomena true to current times. The performance offers its audience a multi-sensory journey of dance movement, texts, and visual and sonic designs that traverse emotive and virtuosic scopes.  From eerie sparseness to breathless physicality and hypnotic drive, a touching journey encompassing the work remains true to H.C. Andersen's intention of the original story.

Concept, choreography and direction:

Maria Nurmela


Movement Choreography & Text: In collaboration with Performers and Maria Nurmela


Performers: Jonna Aaltonen, Jane Aspvik, Georgie Goater, Meri Pajunpää, Gea Piper, Turku dance students


Sound Design: Jane Sheldon & Jaakko Vastapuu


Lighting & Space: Kalle Ropponen, Antton Kainulainen)


Costume: Heidi Wikar


Photos: Vesa Loikas


Video: Teemu Kyytinen

Premiere: November 2021, Rettig Tabacco Factory, (The future House of Arts Turku), 


Performance: December 2022, Pohjanmaa tanssii- Österbotten dansar, Vaasa

Supported by the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto


Kaaos Company (2021-present)

KATRAS is an urban flock, a dance between four performers of diverse embodiments, encountering each other and their surroundings through movement, a score, spontaneity and listening. Following what emerges in the space of togetherness, the dance is always new. Co-composed from histories and the present moment, Kellokoski’s playful sound accompanies the casual suspense and timeless ease of the glimmering urban flock.

Performed in Espoo-päivä, Tapiola 2021 + 2022, Liikkumisen riemua kaikille! Vammaisten päivän aamutilaisuus, Helsingin kaupungintalo 2021, Helsinki Päivä 2022, Joensuun Parafest 2022, Kokkolan Talvitanssit 2022, X Dance Festival 2023, Joensuun Parafest 2023


Concept: Sally Davison
Performers: Siiri Tiilikka, Jonna Lehto, Kadar Khristan, Georgie Goater
Sound: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski
Photos: Jussi Ulkuniemi, Jan Ahlstedt

Support: Koneen Säätiö


Katarína Rampáčková with Kaaos Company (2020)

MIRAGE is an enchanting live and virtual dance performance through the Zoom window, directed by Katarina Rampackova with enigmatic Kaaos Company dancers. The piece is inspired by the visual artwork of Catalan artist Joan Miro, playing with inhabiting shape, form and colour, and bringing them to life through hues of personal voice.

Concept + Direction: Katarína Rampáčková
Performers: Siiri Tilikka, Noora Västinen, Georgie Goater
Sound Design: Sami Kekäläinen
Photos: Sanna Lehto
Teaser: Leandro Lefa
Producer: Georgie Goater & Kaaos Company

Premiere: June 2021, X Dance Festival, Zodaik stage

Performances: May 2022, Inclusive dance Sympozium, Košice, Noraway (virtual)

There's Nothing Old Under the Sun

The performance is an intimate meeting through a one-to-one card reading session that took place at the Helsinki Winter Gardens. The audience could ask a question or receive an open reading, through which the reader challels the botanical knowledge and visual cues of the cards, that emerged with each audience and their question. They could wander the gardens to encounter the plants that appeared in their reading.
Cards are illustrated and designed by Daniela with sound design by Riku-Pekka Kellokiski. 

Workgroup: Daniela Pascual, Mercedes Fernandez, Georgie Goater, Anni Pellikka, Riku-Pekka Kellokoski 

Premiere: March 2020, Helsinki Winter Gardens

Photos: Julius Töyrylä


Anna Maria Häkkinen (2018)

DANCE is a work by Anna-Maria Häkkinen, inspired by postmodern choreographer Lucinda Childs, that is simultaneously nostalgic as it is futuristic. 

Sound and stage design: Erno Aaltonen


Performers: Hanna Ahti, Anna Mustonen, Saara Norvio, Anna Torkkel, Soile Voima, Georgie Goater


Costume: Maija Mustonen 


Photos: Katrina Ukkarinen

Premiere: October 2018, Zodiak (Stoa), Helsinki


Maija Mustonen & Erno Aaltonen with Kaaos Company (2017)

Pond is a small retreat, where we gather around water and give ourselves into it. We float, we give in to the water, we get heavy, in the water, waterlike. 

Premiere: Jan 2017, Hotelli Korpillampi Espoo, Mad House Productions.

Performances: Anti Festival 2017, Dansverk í Sundlaug, Reykjavik 2018.

Performance and choreography: Sally Davison, Georgie Goater, Jonna Lehto, Gunilla Sjövall, Sanna Valkeapää, Noora Västinen
Performance concept and direction: Maija Mustonen
Lightning and sound design: Erno Aaltonen
Lightning design in Kuopio: Sofia Palillo
Costume design: Venla Korvenmaa
Costume consultation: Laura Haapakangas
Producer: Riikka Thitz
Production: Kaaos Company
In collaboration with Mad House Helsinki, Hotelli Korpilampi & Ruohonjuuri
Photos: Raabe Sandstöm, Pekka Mäkinen

Supported by Kone Foundation, City of Espoo




The Fallen Mystery

Zahra Killeen-Chance (2015)

The Fallen Mystery is influenced by 1940s-50s Film Noir style, is a contemporary dance satire. Loaded guns and smokin’ guns - nothing is what it seems to be.

The Fallen Mystery is a terrific piece of genre play - a chiaroscuro nightmare where Sam Spade gets spliced together with David Lynch.” - Erin Harrington, Theatreview, 2015

Choreography: Zahra Killeen-Chance

Performers: Georgie Goater, Lisa Greenfield, 

Paul Young

Musician: Hermione Johnson

Photos: Solomon Mortimer


Video: Solomon  Mortimer, Zarah Killeen-Chance

Premiere: The Body Festival 2015, Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

Performed: Tempo Dance Festival 2015, 
Q Theatre, Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa

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