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Subject Matter Object Pink

"It is mesmerising and magical and I hope it goes on and on. Joined by Alisha McLennan, we witness two hauntingly articulate perspectives on a shared movement vocabulary." - Sarah Knox, Theatreview, 2016

Subject Matter Object Pink 

plays with shifting presence, how it moves and multiplies through body, material, and space like a morphing substance. Different physicalities

and characters meet through theatrical realms, transmuting story and emotion into familiar yet non-narrative other-worldliness.

The work premiered in Auckland's Basement Theatre in 2016

as part of the triple bill,

Sunset Affair.

SMOP. by Shannon 4.jpg

Performers: Alisha McLennan Marler, Georgie Goater


Sound design: James Risbey 

(with compiled tracks by Goater)


Lighting: Paul Bennett


Costume & stage design: Georgie Goater


Photos: Solomon Mortimer, Shannon Esquilat

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