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Subject Matter Object Pink

Subject Matter Object Pink plays with shifting presence, how it moves and multiplies through body, material, and space like a morphing substance. Different physicalities and characters meet through pop and sci-fi undercurrents, transmuting story and emotion into familiar yet non-narrative other-worldlines.


Performed by dancers Alisha McLennan Marler (Touch Compass) and Georgie Goater, the work premiered in Tamaki Makaurau's Basement Theatre in 2016 as part of the triple bill, Sunset Affair with Zahra Killeen-Chance and Tallulah Holly-Massey.

melting vulva
silk sorbet
sunset skinpeel

dreamtime lava
liquid coral
rose shedding
petal bleed
enter: silver turban of the open-heart clan

tremoring priestesstammering, shimmering
is her

                                                     skin laughing

shifting va
like rain hits ocean
or something catches

alight                              ..."


      -- Tru Paraha
SMOP. by Shannon 4.jpg

Choreography: Georgie Goater

Performers: Alisha McLennan Marler,
Georgie Goater

Sound design: James Risbey 

(tracks compiled by Goater)

Lighting: Paul Bennett

Costume & stage: Georgie Goater

Colour Photos: Solomon Mortimer

Black & white photos: Shannon Esquilat

Video: Solomon Mortimer

Premiere: June 2016, Basement Theatre, Aotearoa

"It is mesmerising and magical and I hope it goes on and on. Joined by Alisha McLennan, we witness two hauntingly articulate perspectives on a shared movement vocabulary."

- Sarah Knox, Theatreview, 2016

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