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Workgroup & Kaaos Company (2023)

"Torotörö is a doubly melty sensation on the tongue. A liquid language that seeps across skins and oozes in the gaps."


The name is the Japanese word for melt, とろ (toro) and for syrupy, とろとろ (torotoro) which speak to the sensorial qualities of fluid being. Also containing the words bull and fish in Spanish and Finnish, the name refers to multiplicity: in meaning, language, and the embodied wild. 


The dance work challenges expectations of masculinity and notions of what is fixed. Dis/ability, gender, bodies and assumed roles are in constant flux as the performers play along the scale of their limits together. Kadar and Jussi inhabit vivid intensities of connection, through courageous physicality and surprising tenderness. They tinker with rest, risk, tension and play, through touch and contact improvisation techniques inside a task-based choreography. In their morphing relationality, we are pulled into the performer's intimate encounters of sublime listening and trust. The wheelchair becomes another body, defying conventional use and joining the dance as a material partner. 



Performers: Kadar Khristan, Jussi Ulkuniemi

Sound design: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski

Costume design: Iiris Herttua

Light design: Outi Vedenpää

Choreographic direction: Georgie Goater

Choreographic assistance & CI expertise: Kaisa Kukkonen

Premiere: 2.-3.6.2023 at X Dance Festivlal, Caisa, Helsinki

Production: Kaaos Company, X Dand Festival 2023

Photos: Jan Ahlstedt

Video: Leandro Lefa

Supported by: Uudenmaan Kulttuurirahast (SKR), Kaaos Company

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