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workgroup & Kaaos Company (2023)

"Torotörö is a doubly melty sensation on the tongue"

The name embodies a multiplicity of language and a sensory experience.

Fluidity and strength were the departing points of this dance between two beings. The piece breaks expectations of the masculine and the notions of what is fixed, revealing the constant flux of gender, bodies and assumed roles in relation. Kadar and Jussi inhabit vivid intensities of connection, through courageous physicality and surprising tenderness in this choreography of improvisation. Tinkering with touch, Contact Improvisation techniques and limits, we are pulled into their encounters of intimacy and trust through their sublime listening and play.

Islands of rest and risk together with the wheelchair, articulate a hypnotic archipelago of images, evoking liquid, emotive (br)otherhoods.



Performers: Kadar Khristan & Jussi Ulkuniemi

Sound design: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski

Costume design: Iiris Herttua

Light design: Outi Vedenpää

Choreographic direction, project leader: Georgie Goater

Choreographic assistance, CI expertise: Kaisa Kukkonen

Premiere: 2.-3.6.2023 at X Dance Festivlal, Caisa Cultural, Helsinki

Performance: 24.9.2023, Tanssin Voima Festival, Helsinki

Production: Kaaos Company, X Dand Festival 2023

Photos: Jan Ahlstedt

Video: Leandro Lefa

Supported by: Uudenmaan Kulttuurirahast (SKR), Kaaos Company

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